Tactiques de camouflage

Le Magasin Général: studio international en création multidisciplinaire is a new art residency center dedicated to the production and the diffusion of multidisciplinary arts. It was founded in December 2014 by artists Jacky Georges Lafargue and Louis Couturier. Located between the beach and the forest on the North shore of the Gaspe Peninsula, in the small village of Rivière-Madeleine, the center occupies a late 19th-century ‘boom town’ style building that was originally the general store of the village. I was invited for a research residency at Le Magasin Général in May 2015, where I produced Tactiques de Camouflages, a site-specific installation consisting of a large format composite image created for the façade of the former general store. Printed on a 15’ x 16’ weather resistant vinyl, the piece was installed for a one-year period. A video component was projected onto the windows of the building the night of the inauguration. I worked with the architectural elements of the building and the immediate landscape incorporating imaginary spaces into it exploring the multiple levels of transparency a façade can or could provide, and playing with the idea of ‘looking through’ rather than ‘looking at’ the building and its windows. I was awarded a Travel Grant from the Canada Council for the Arts for this project. Read an article by Sylvette Babin about the project in esse art + opinions.